My main services are as follows

-Embedded software Embedded software demands a lot more carefull programming than programming PC software. The processor speed is usually  low and resources are limited (RAM and ROM). Considerations like power consumption and timing issues are important. A good understanding of the surrounding hardware is necessary.

-UI design: The user interface is a big challenge in electronic products. A good user interface will help give the product a better quality feel, and a higher usability. I think this is an important part of the development that many times are overlooked in products. The user should be able to use most feature in the product without use of the manual.

-PC software: digitalBlue offers development of PC software that primarily has interface to extern units such as: parallel port, RS-232 ports and USB.

-Hardware development: My experiences with hardware development is mostly with analog and digital audio/video, PCB layout, component selection, contruction of prototypes, maturity for production.